Treat Yo' Self Tuesday - The healthy edition

Usually when I think about treating myself, it's eating some of my favorite comfort foods - chocolate chip cookies, fries, pizza, ice cream, cheeseburgers, chinese food (and the list goes on) whilst binging on 'The West Wing' episodes on Netflix. Me when I realize my food is on the way:

However, why not really treat our bodies well this Tuesday? Let's get outside (I'm sorry if you live on the east coast and it's freezing), take time to meditate, and eat food that not only tastes good but is good for our bodies too. Below I've made a list of some healthier alternatives to your favorite comfort foods! Trust.

- Check out this vegetarian Green Chile Black Bean Burger from Ambitious Kitchen. You won't miss the meat, I swears it.


- You gotta have a shake to go along with that burger. This one from yours truly is thick and chocolately and oh so divine.

- I love me some mac and cheese. Eat this version from The Gourmet RD and the way you think of mac and cheese will be forever changed.

- More cheese please! Lasagna never looked so good. The recipe from Healthy Recipes replaces noodles with grilled zucchini. Nom.

- Who would choose pureed cauliflower over mashed potatoes? *Raises hand* Just do it. Check out this recipe from Slim Sanity for the perfectly creamy, dreamy plate full.

Have a happy, healthy Treat Yo'self Tuesday!

xo, Meggie